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The food tells the story: Paloc soup is on the table

The food tells the story: Paloc soup is on the table


Paloc soup is the great master of deception: although it promises highland flavors, yet this dish was born in the heart of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, in Pest.


Hungarian cuisine has a few catches that are so characteristic and delicious that the stormy decades and long centuries have turned many people into an unbearable favorite, the basis of domestic gastronomy. These include Goulash Soup `Alfoldi` style, Transylvanian Cabbage, Layered Potatoes, Chicken Paprikas and Noodles, Bean Soup `Jokay` style, and the Hungarian Grey Cattle Stew with Egg Barley. Also, Kálmán Mikszáth's favorite, the Paloc Soup.


Kálmán Mikszáth's challenge to János Gundel: the History of the Wonderful Soup


Before we start spooning the mouth-watering soup, let's just close our eyes for a moment and imagine ourselves in the 19th century Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, especially the bustling-blossoming Pest, where there is an active cultural and culinary revolution.


At that time, the Gundel dynasty founded its own reputation. János Gundel was one of the most prominent chefs of his age who followed his grandfathe`s steps during his culinary adventures. Thanks to him, he went through the ladder of catering and, due to his talent, he established his wealth at a very early age: in 1869 he bought the Viennese Brewery, and later the Flowerbush Bistro, and his art was reached by the world over the years.


A little later - more than two decades after the Compromise - the country was booming, culture and art continued to flourish, and of course the economy. However, there was a scene where these two worlds met: cafes and taverns.


János Gundel's reputation has attracted constant guests to the tables of the ever-expanding family restaurants such as Ferenc Liszt, Károly Lotz, Kálmán Tisza and István Tisza, and the golden-handed Kálmán Mikszáth, the favorite writer of the restaurant.


Their friendship also created the Paloc Soup too. This delightful soup is attributed to several origins, but most likely is the anecdote related to Mikszáth Kálmán's 45th birthday.



Instead of birthday cake, there is Paloc soup


In January 1892, the famous writer asked his favorite chef to prepare a meal for his birthday party in the Hotel, which was never tasted before, and which was so delicious that it would be his favorite forever. The legend says that János Gundel cooked and served for the first time the Paloc Soup.


The world-renowned hobbyist has argued that there is no round of people in this world who do not like the steaming, succulent soup with green beans and potatoes, condensed with milky butter and stuffed with fresh dill.


Of course, as the saying goes, the test of the pudding is eating!!

On that particular birthday, the soup was first served on the table. Of course, the eyes of every guest caught up with Kálmán Mikszáth, who was first served with this wonderful soup. Mikszáth, according to the legend, picked up the meal twice, and laid the foundations for the success of the food, and the Hungarian cuisine became a new icon. Even if it doesn't come from the Paloc people at all.


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